Négociation Achat - Niveau 4

Programme de la formation

The skills of negotiator

  • The 8 areas of knowledge
  • The 8 skills of know-how
  • Evaluation and mapping
  • Favourable ground 


Influential communication

  • The oratory 
  • The power of listening
  • In search of the challenging question
  • Checkmate Game 


Management of conflicting negotiations

  • Assertiveness
  • The legitimacy and certainty of the act


Negotiating style

  • The dial of the negotiators
  • Diagnostic and Positioning
  • Characteristics of the dominant style


Behavioural mastery

  • The negotiator in the mirror
  • The negotiator next to me
  • The opposite negotiator


Take advantage

  • Style affinities – tactics
  • Comfort and stress zones
  • Have 4 Aces in your game: which last resort for which negotiator profile ?


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